Tiny Fingers

via Daily Prompt: Tiny

Have you ever noticed how Tiny the fingers are of an infant?  I mean, REALLY noticed?

They aren’t long or wide.  They have creases.  They wiggle.  They bend.  They have nails.

They fit in their mouth, they fit in your mouth, and sometimes they fit up your nose.

Have you noticed how strong their tiny fingers can be?

When they grab your finger, somehow, they manage to reach through your body and grab your heart.  The tighter their tiny fingers squeeze your finger, the tighter the hold on your heart.

When this happens for the first time, you have to stop and take a deep breath because you’re not quite sure what’s happening.

You panic.  Is it indigestion?  Is it a heart attack?

Sweat forms on your brow.  You look around, does anyone else see your panic?  They don’t.  They are smiling.  Why are they smiling?

You look down at the bundle in your arms.  Everything is okay.  The sweat on your brow turns into tears on your cheek.  The tiny fingers grasping your pointer have grabbed your heart.

Now you know what it is to unconditionally love a child.  And all it took was a squeeze from a tiny finger.