180 Days of Good Deeds: Day 2

Today was a boring day.  There was of course the same drama, but I’d rather not re-hash. The same female in the office continues to make others look bad and make herself  look like the hero.  At what point in time does she realize others are doing the job, she needs to share the credit.

My good deed for the day?  I brought extra tomato plants to the office, again.  There were several Thank You’s  and much appreciation.  I hope they grow for those who adopted them.  The girls missed out so I’m going to transplant a couple just for them and bring them in Tuesday.  It doesn’t sound like much, does it?   Good deeds everyday is harder than I thought.  To me, you just can’t plan a good deed.  Or can you?  I would like to think today’s actions would be considered me just being me.  Maybe I’m not such a bad person, I just need to be a little more Zen like.  There is a gal at the office who is very Zen like.  She has a great attitude about life, work, play….Not only is she Zen like, she’s smart and she is beautiful.  She personifies the cliche beautiful inside and out!

Reflection on my journey to a better me:

There was a death in the family today so I don’t have much to share.   Life is short, it’s precious.  Touch base tomorrow.



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