180 Days of Good Deeds. Journey to a Better ME!

Yesterday, I arrived home from work angry as a cat that had fallen in clawfoot tub filled with a bubble bath!  I wanted to kick my husband in the shins when he asked me a simple question, “We are having burgers for dinner?”  I was pissed.  I didn’t want to cook and my experience at Ralph’s made it worse.

I completed my shopping, loaded my soon to be  purchased items, mostly wine and beer, on the belt, and was asked by the cashier for my driver license.   Really?  My License?  My wrinkles don’t tell you I’m over 21?  Over 35? I was livid!  “Honey, I have kids as old as you,” I barked as condescending and demeaning as possible.  I didn’t have time to fumble in my purse to look for my license.  After slapping a handle full of aged receipts, a tube of lipstick, a packet of gum, a tampon and pad on the jewelry box sized ledge, I found my hidden plastic gem the state of California bestowed upon me.  I hustled out of the store, after bagging my groceries, because I could feel the anger and frustration welling up inside.  I just wanted to get home!

The full 10 minute drive home, I thought of nothing else but how I could get this snotty nosed kid in trouble.  The nerve of him.  I shop at Ralph’s all of the time and have NEVER been asked for my license.

After cooking dinner and downing a bottle of wine, I realized my unnecessary anger this evening manifested at the office.  The realization of how unhappy I am at work overwhelms me at times.  When I become frustrated and feel pinned in a corner by over zealous, aggressive, condescending people, I become a less than positive person…okay, I become a raging bitch with the face of a lunatic.  When you have to confess one’s bitchiness (face to face) during lent, there’s a problem

So, to help me through the days of being a negative Nellie, I am going to do one positive thing a day.  It might be something as simple as a sticky note on someone’s computer to buying a friend or a stranger a coffee, or lunch.  This is going to be my 180 day quest of doing good deeds for a better me.

Wish me luck and stay tuned for my antics.  Who knows, you might learn something from my endeavours or laugh your asses off!


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